Unique decor for unique people

My vision

What I love in life is mirrored in my work: People, nature, materials, colours, openness to the world, styles that range from antiquity to the contemporary design. For me, every style has its own character, idiosyncrasies and special charm. My goal is to accompany you every step of the way to create a design as unique as you are, something that truly reflects YOU.

I am fascinated by people, by their tastes, interests and passions. Design should echo the human being in his or her most serene state. I'm seeking out the symbiosis between your decor and your personality so that, in every room of your environment, you feel that you are at home in YOUR personal universe. Here is how our adventure begins…

A telephone conversation lets us take the time we need to get to know each other and understand the larger goals of your project.
Then, we meet in your environment and I collect all the necessary information to understand your needs, get to know your tastes and dive more deeply into what you want to achieve with your decor. During this meeting, if the project will require technical plans, I will take measurements to draft the drawings.

I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.

Michelle Gagnon